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The mission of Amar Studio is to champion the underrepresented within communities. The studio specialises in championing the work of historically overlooked & important female artists. We have always been LGBT+ inclusive. Our gallery's founder, Amar Singh, has a long-standing history of humanitarian work and fighting for the equal rights of LGBT+ communities and women. 

"People always ask me why do I support LGBT+ rights and women's rights if I am not a woman and I am not gay? How can I not? How can you not! It is important to care about other people, it is important to uplift other people, it is important to help other people, especially groups who are suppressed."


Amar Singh 

Amar's grandmother, Veena Singh (1920 - 2017) championed the rights of women pre and post India's independence. 

She received the President's award from India's first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Veena Singh was a passionate advocate for equal opportunities in education for both men and women.

Rajkumari-Amrit-Kaur-_-Mahatma-Gandhi (1).jpg

Amar's ancestor, Rajkumari Amrit Kaur (1889 - 1964), is considered India's greatest women's rights activist. She was India's first Health Minister and travelled alongside Mahatma Gandhi fighting for equality. She also found India's first women's education fund. 

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